The New Mutants – MOVIE REVIEW

After a freak accident, Dani is sent to a specialised facility which focuses on rehabilitating people with extraordinary abilities. However, they soon realise Dr Reyes, the leader of the facility isn’t who she claims to be when their past traumas end up turning into their worst nightmares. After realising, they set out to find out where they really are and what exactly has been happening to them all this time.

So the new Marvel production The New Mutants recently came out in cinemas worldwide and I think it’s safe to say that its hard its fair share of mixed reactions. Since its release, people have debated whether The New Mutants is better or worse than the X-Men series as it follows a similar storyline line with characters possessing extraordinary abilities. However, for me it was great to see something totally original and different to what Marvel are used to putting out with the Avengers timeline and are surprised that people aren’t enjoying it more than I thought they would have.

The New Mutants (2020) - IMDb

But I do have to agree that the story is quite slow with not much action throughout, which could be one of the main reasons why people disliked it more than some of the entries into the X-Men series. However, the layout which the story has been set in should be very familiar with some of us as it’s based around one of those new kid stories where someone new comes into town and is trying to fit in with the rest but isn’t having much luck at the start. It seemed as though this movie was all about learning about each character, where they came from and what power they have etc and so then hopefully it gears up perfectly for equal in the future where this time it really does focus on a more gripping story.

So despite all the negatives it as received from fans, I found it quite enjoyable mainly because of its something completely different from the MCU and giving us something new to look forward to rather than another entry featuring Earth’s mightiest heroes. Don’t get me wrong though of course we all still love the Avengers. What I mean by Marvel trying something new is that with this slim in particular, they have actually gone for a more horror-based theme for the genre of The New Mutants and as much as it make sound like it won’t work, surprising they’ve made it work extremely well.


I haven’t seen Marvel use the horror genre before in any of their productions before but to everyone’s surprise, they are actually really good at making it fit in and it ties in well with the overall plotline of The New Mutants. What made it that freakier is the terrifying “Smiley man” creatures which attacked the mutants which originated from Magik’s worst fear. Its certainly nothing to cringe at anyway as it’s most definitely fast-paced action but unfortunately we have to wait until the last part of the film for any of this.

By now you all should know that I’m a sucker for character development throughout the film and this movie sorta has it but its mostly based around the relationship development between each character. It’s great to see Dani and Magik strengthen their relationship more as at first they don’t really get on well with one another but eventually, start to learn that they’re just the same. On the other hand, Dani also befriends Rahne Sinclair and eventually take their relationship to the next level. However, this did seem to abut rushed for me and would’ve preferred it if the two developed more over the course of the film as then it would’ve made that moment a lot more powerful.

New Mutants Clip Shows Off The Movie's Jump-Scare Horror

Now onto the cast. I’ve gotta day its certainly one of the most different casts I’ve seen before but works quite well with the overall theme of the film being five random kids with unique abilities. Each actor though fitted perfectly into their role and played out their character as if it was themselves. Additionally, all characters have their own unique flaws and characteristics which make the group of characters more diverse giving us something new each time to enjoy.

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