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Stranger Things Season 4 Reveal!

Season 4 of the popular Netflix original ‘Stranger Things’ is officially underway as we speak and various teaser trailers have already been released announcing its return. The teaser trailer doesn’t give us too much information about what is to come yet but we have been given some major insights into what’s to come.

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Netflix’s The Witcher – REVIEW

Geralt, a monster hunter, to whom the world he inhabits is known as a Witcher as he tries to find his place as most people prove themselves wicked to his kind. As he adventures through the world, he meets different individuals with their own personalities which leads to unexpected events. The characters we all know and love from The Witcher books and video games will also find their way as well as Geralt.

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6 Underground – MOVIE REVIEW

6 different individuals have come together from around the world to form one of the most secretive teams on earth which no one knows about. They aspire to change the world by getting rid of some of the world’s most evil people. However, doing this puts their life at risk but no one will remember from at all as they have all deleted their past and are completely off the grid. For now.

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