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Could The Joker Have Its Own Universe?

The recent ‘JOKER’ movie is a modern-day interpretation of the origin story of how Arthur Fleck became one of the worlds most famous villains to date. The movie references the Wayne family a lot throughout but could it be possible for this to be the start of a whole new DECU franchise kicking off?

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What Makes A Great Horror Movie?

Each horror movie ever made has its own unique storyline, diverse set of characters and also every movie ever made has of course jumpscares. But what actually makes a great horror movie? Some have had an excellent storyline and cast but lack that horror feeling, some have a little of everything but sometimes I swear some are just made to try and scare you throughout. Today we are going to breakdown what makes the perfect horror movie to enjoy at Halloween or at any other time of the year.

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Our Favourite Cinema Snacks

A trip out to the cinema is always a great time out. No matter how many times you’ve gone or what movie you’re going to see this time. Of course, one main feature of your cinema experience is the variety of snacks and treats which are available to you no whichever cinema you visit.  But, never fear we have prepared a list of our top favourite snacks to enjoy during any cinema experience.

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