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12 Of The Most Powerful Weapons In The MCU Films

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had any instalments over its lifetime now with the introduction of hundreds of new characters and storylines forever expanding one of the worlds largest movie universes. And with these many movies being added to the universe, we’ve seen a fair share of powerful and deadly weapons from across the galaxy. So today, we’re counting down some of the most powerful weapons and artefacts we have seen across the Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

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The New Mutants – MOVIE REVIEW

After a freak accident, Dani is sent to a specialised facility which focuses on rehabilitating people with extraordinary abilities. However, they soon realise Dr Reyes, the leader of the facility isn’t who she claims to be when their past traumas end up turning into their worst nightmares. After realising, they set out to find out where they really are and what exactly has been happening to them all this time.

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