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Are Video Game Movies A Good Idea?

Movies and TV-based off famous video game series are becoming more popular every day because of the fact that the recent Sonic The Hedgehog movie has been declared as the third highest-ranking video game movie of all time. But many people have seen the good side and bad side of them so let’s break down whether they can really be beneficial or not.

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Riverdale Season 4 So Far

Were a good few episodes into the new season of Riverdale and has already given us small hints about how the entire season will plan out and also cliff hangers which will surely leave us with questions. So here is what we like about the new season so far. However, they could be some spoilers ahead so please if you haven’t seen the new season so far then I highly recommend watching them first.

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End of Summer Watch List (2019)

Well, it’s drawing the close of the 2019 summer and nearly time for the new school year, holidays to come to a close and all of us back to work and college. But no worries, there’s still a week or two left of the summer break so here to make the most of your final summer days we have put together a list of some top movies to watch before the summer is over to make the final week a happy one. Some may be old and some may be new but each movie totally draws away from the idea of work and school so you won’t have to be reminded of them at all and instead just sit back, relax and enjoy.

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