Good Boys (2019) – Movie Review

Three 12-year-old best friends experience the adult life of sex, drugs and being bad when Max gets invited to his first kissing party and asks his friends for help on how to kiss. As they all don’t know they decide to use Max’s father’s drone to spy on the girls next door to learn but when the girls catch them in the act it starts an unfortunate series of events to try and retrieve the drone before Max’s father returns home.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Like all comedy based films should be Good Boys has a simple storyline with a hefty amount of detail inbetween which really makes it more enjoyable in my opinion as they will be more to look forward too later on. Even though it is a 15 rated film, 12-year-olds and upwards in the modern era will definitely be able to relate to some of the jokes, sarcasm and issues which the three best friends go through together learning all about sex, drugs and other parts of teenage life.

However, I do also believe that modern teens and adults will also be able to relate to the story and the chaos they all get up to as gives in insight to what a typical childhood looks like now for the modern-day generation. The storyline was structured perfectly which gives plot twists and events which cause another series of events which will surprise the audience with how they cope with what is facing the trio next.

Overall the content in the movie relates entirely to what the storyline along with hilarious comedy scenes in my opinion in which we could have all related to at some point in our lives. To say that it was an R rated movie starring 12-year-olds as the characters I was impressed with the level of sarcasm and humour they managed to deliver. Scenes such as when they are first learning about the world of sex relate a lot to adults and teens as it shows them confused and misunderstanding the use of sex toys and other references as we all had to go through the phase at some point. Some audience members have said that the comedy isn’t great at all and definitely not worth it.

Well, in my opinion, do believe it is worth the watch for a little light heartened comedy. I do agree that the comedy is nothing too special which you may be expecting to see as it isn’t the typical humour you would think of and in some cases but what does really make it hilarious at times is what the three of them manage to get themselves up to and what they do instead of what they say. Overall I do like the fact that the movie contains small events which turn out to be important life lessons for their age which can also be picked up by the younger audience as well which can influence them positively as it teaches about moving on in life and preparing for new experiences later on.

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To say that they were child actors in an R rated movie their performances were fantastic throughout. The image they represented about modern teenagers is highly detailed and really engages with the teenage audience. As I mentioned before, the acting and the way they present each scene can relate to the modern-day childhood and early adulthood in which we have all gone through at some point in our lives which really makes the jokes more humorous for the people who understand what the meaning is behind the comedy. Overall I do recommend Good Boys to anyone who doesn’t mild adult references, teenage and child humour and small foul language which also adds to the humour throughout.

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