Choose or Die – MOVIE REVIEW

A student struggling for cash finds an old mysterious video game with her friend which claims to have a prize reward of $100,000 that’s still up for grabs. However, as she begins to play she realised that she isn’t fighting for the cash. She’s fighting for her life.

One of Netflix’s newest original films comes in the form of a horror like movie, unlike anything you will have seen before. It begins by taking us through the daily life of Kayla, a broke student who works as a cleaner for a big company just trying to survive. Her home life isn’t any better as well with her mum being sick. Kayla’s backstory sets the plotline up perfectly for when she finds an old retro video game with her tech friend Isaac. Now, this is where the film starts to get interesting. The game claims to have a $100,00 prize reward for whoever can complete it first which is still up for grabs to this day. However, as the two soon realise, this game seems to mess with reality and becomes a fight not only for the money but for their own lives.

Scene from Choose or Die

We’ve hand horror movies like this in there past where they tend to use technology to set up the main story such as Countdown. I will admit, going for this idea is a risky gamble as for me, technology and horror don’t really mix. But as we’ve seen in the past, if they are done correctly then it can make a totally original film and give us something fresh to watch. Choose or Die is no different and manages to create an exciting watch with its story.

Now if you’re after a good horror movie to watch late at night to create the ultimate spooky experience, then I wouldn’t recommend Choose or Die. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic film but even though it’s classed as a horror movie I wouldn’t class it as one at all. The ideas featured throughout the film can relate to the horror genre such as some of its more violent and gruesome scenes however and although there isn’t any scary SPX or makeup which will make you scared like The Conjuring series does. Mainly because there are no demonic spirits or paranormal phenomena and instead it’s just one cursed video game. Even though it’s not like any of the good horror films we know and love today, I’d still recommend it nonetheless as it is really enjoyable and does feature its own jumpscares which can give you a fright or two at times.

Scene from Choose or Die

Overall, I’m extremely happy that the directors and writers decided to go with such a bold concept as it turned out brilliantly and gave the film its own uniqueness to the horror genre. But I will admit, I wasn’t sure about it at first but it wasn’t until the main storyline began to kick in that I started to appreciate it. With top names such as Asa Butterfield, Angela Griffin, Eddie Marsan as well as the lead Iola Evans all starring together in the film, there wasn’t much doubt that the actors involved would’ve delivered a great performance.

Scene from Choose or Diee

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