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Is Wizarding World Gold Worth it?

The new Wizarding World Gold subscription by J.K Rowling for the fans of the Harry Potter universe has been out for some time now and for £60.00 annually you get access to a whole range of exclusive benefits just for gold members. However, some may argue that the price isn’t worth it but as a gold member, I will tell you why it is defiantly worth it if you’re a massive Harry Potter fan like me.

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Riverdale Season 4 So Far

Were a good few episodes into the new season of Riverdale and has already given us small hints about how the entire season will plan out and also cliff hangers which will surely leave us with questions. So here is what we like about the new season so far. However, they could be some spoilers ahead so please if you haven’t seen the new season so far then I highly recommend watching them first.

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What is next for the Avengers?

After Avengers: Endgame was released and some of our beloved characters sadly passed away or are no longer part of the Avengers, we are struggling to see what could be next for these heroes. No villain to defeat since Thanos and his entire army were killed, timeline intact as Infinity stones returned to the correct time and place so is they are hints of when and how the Avengers will return to our screens. Using content from Endgame and from other sources we have a vague idea of what to expect if they do ever return.

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Cineworld VIP: Pros & Cons

This summer has arguably been one of the best for film releases so far in my opinion. We have been gifted with the delights of Hobbs & Shaw, Toy Story 4, Angel Has Fallen and of course the remastered reboot of The Lion King. Not to mention many other great releases as well. As the summer draw to a close many of you maybe rushing to the cinema to see these titles before we all have to go back to work but until then, why not make the most of your final days of with a great night out at Cineworld’s VIP experience. But is it really worth it?


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