The Adam Project – MOVIE REVIEW

When a time-travelling pilot, Adam Reed, crashes in the year 2022 he enlists help from his 12-year-old self in order to embark on a mission to save the world. Along the way, they discover more about themselves and their family by travelling through time once more to find their late father who helped discover the possibility of time travel.

Ryan Reynolds comes at us with a whole new production for Netflix’s forever expanding library of content with an original movie in the name of The Adam Project. If you’re brave enough to have continued your Netflix subscription after it announced its price increase by £1 for all packages, then you’ve probably seen this film advertised on Netflix’s homepage or had numerous emails or alerts from the service reminding you of its release. Well, if you have been wondering what this is all about then let me give you a quick rundown. The Adam Project stars hit actor Ryan Reynolds, who is also a producer on the movie, has he travels back in time back to 2022 in order to prevent time travel from ever being invented in the first place. However, he soon realises that he has crashed landed back in the year when he was 12-years-old and so enlists the help of his younger self.

Well, one thing is for sure. This is definitely original. Nowadays, it can be hard to find something completely original to watch as most storylines or concepts have either been done before or have been based on previous stories so I was excited to finally see a story that I haven’t heard before. Unlike most in-depth titles these days, The Adam Project was easy to follow along with and makes it hard for it to confuse the audience even it is of the top but isn’t most things nowadays.

Scene from ‘The Adam Project’

To be honest I haven’t really since anything like this before where the two main protagonists are actually the same character. The only difference is that one of them is a child still living at home whereas the other is like 20-years-older and a time-travelling pilot from the future! So it’s interesting to see the development between these two as the story progresses as the child version of Adam still doesn’t treat his mum too well and his older self teaches him a lesson about how he’ll end up regretting treating his mum the way he did growing up. Their deceased father also plays a crucial part in this as you’ll soon see. Without giving much away, the two Adams and their parents all play an important role in this film and gives us a heartwarming story and teaches us the importance of family.

Scene from ‘The Adam Project’

As always though, Ryan Reynolds once again delivered us a fantastic performance and gave us his usual comedic and unique personality you’ll find in all his previous roles. But honestly, it’s not just him who made this film so enjoyable to watch. Of course we’ve got Bruce Banner himself (Mark Ruffalo) playing Adam’s father who fitted the role of a scientist perfectly and also both the mum (Jennifer Garner) and Adam’s future partner (Zoe Saldaña) hooked me in from start to finish. However, The Adam Project may have just showcased one of the best big rising stars in the acting world in the name of Walker Scobell, who played the younger version of Adam in the movie.

So for a 13-year-old who’s starred in a movie alongside a cast who’s at least been in one Marvel production in their career, I’d say this was an impressive start and just the thing he needs to get going in the AAA movie industry.

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