Riverdale Season 4 So Far

Were a good few episodes into the new season of Riverdale and has already given us small hints about how the entire season will plan out and also cliff hangers which will surely leave us with questions. So here is what we like about the new season so far. However, they could be some spoilers ahead so please if you haven’t seen the new season so far then I highly recommend watching them first.

Well straight from episode 1 we got to learn about some of the plot points which it’s going to be focusing on but what I did like is that it didn’t jump headfirst into sharing any overall plot details and instead we got to spend some time with the characters and what they are getting up to so far during their summer break. Especially how the entirety of the first episode is dedicated to the actor who played Archie Andrews’ father Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) which I think is a brilliant send-off for him and will be surely remembered.

Now, of course, projects or storylines which have been left unfinished are not the best and do seem a little lazy therefore meaning unprofessional so the touch which I did like to  see it that we finally got to see the destruction of the evil Farm group which was the main focus last season that did happen to wrap up pretty quickly in season 4 which could’ve been nice to see a little more from the farm to see how they were getting on and how they were living under the new circumstances. Speaking about their destruction, the best of all people finally killed off Edgar once and for all, Alice Cooper which was a good character development as well for her I believe.

One other point I’d like to touch on is about the sneaky scenes about the future of the season at the end of every episode we have seen so far. They describe them as being later in the future and showing huge story development and drastic changes to the entire characters. Now, this could be a huge spoiler so if you haven’t seen them then I recommend watching them before continue reading on. Ready? Ok, let’s continue, it looks as if the scenes are showing us a hint that Jughead who has been in the show since the very first episode could be killed off as his father, Sheriff Jones and the rest of the main cast, discover Jughead’s body and appears to be dead. However, what is more, distressing is that the last hint we got from this plot point is that Archie, Betty and Veronica are being arrested for his “cold-blooded murder” as said by Sheriff Jones who is the arresting officer. Could it all be a hoax? Well, we hope so but we can only question what could happen. Personally, I think these scenes and storyline have something to do with Jughead’s new school: Stonewall Prep.


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