Maleficent: Mistress of Evil – MOVIE REVIEW

Following the events from the previous movie, Aurora is now the Queen of the Moors. However, things start turning out for the worst when she is offered to marry Prince Phillip in which Maleficent travels to their castle to meet Aurora’s future in-laws and she lashes out which leaves yet again a bad reputation on her. On her journey, Maleficent discovers and join forces with outcasts of her own kind to finally defeat the Queen who wants her dead.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The story of the second film is, in my opinion, well thought out as it carries on perfectly on from the last film from where Aurora now lives in the Moors as their Queen. However, some areas don’t seem too perfect as they could be arguably some unfilled plot holes which leaves us with some minor unanswered questions but nothing too much to worry about. It’s still as easy to follow along too and understand as the first storyline was and as well as that you soon forget about the plot holes because of how well and immersive they have made the entire production with still the classic feel that it is a Disney movie.

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Even though the second one is still as good as the first edition, this one is definitely an improvement because of how much they have included this time around. Like an remaster or sequels I have reviewed this year from old films, 2019’s technology has a high impact on Mistress of Evil includes some of the best battle scenes we have seen this year so we have got to give Disney credit for a brilliant attempt to bring their movies into the modern-day era and going down the live-action road which goes leave the original Disney classic feel behind but really goes make an effort to make up for it.

The thing that I really picked up on whilst watching is how much character development we got to see from a majority of the cast but really the main focus is on Maleficent. For the first time, we got to see and explore Maleficent’s past, who she is and where she came from as others like her are introduced into the film which sets up for one of the best battle scenes in Disney’s history (personally). At one point we are also given a backstory of Maleficent’s kind and where her powers came from originally. Along with that, not only are we treated with character developments but also various plot twists involving a whole range of characters which keeps the movie interesting and more exciting along the way. Speaking about Maleficent, being the main character and all, Disney has given her a grand entrance.

I guess you could argue she has two to be honest. Despite the old cast coming back for a second time, they are also some new characters introduced that all have an important role in the movie’s storyline and fit perfectly into the rest of the movie. A negative which I do have to point out is that the ideology sometimes of Maleficent in particular (meaning what side is she really on) can be a bit back and forth at times but seems to all come together at the end. Moving back onto the battle scenes for a little bit, at times they do seem unrealistic and confusing as it seems at one point they are all fighting each other than all of a sudden they make peace.

The acting is once again second to none just like we know in the first Maleficent. Because it has been a few years since the last instalment, the actors have not changed and kept the original feel for their characters so it just feels just the same which is good to see. But because they are loads of action-packed throughout the actors have not failed to deliver the same experience and adapt well to any situation.

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