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Fantastic Movies For Younger Viewers

As we know the Coronavirus pandemic has affected every part of modern-day life from work, education and of course our freedom which we all take for granted. Children and teenagers have had their education postponed with many classes taking to the online format but still don’t have that classroom to take advantage of to reach the best they can in their education. However, many much younger viewers out there are still stuck out home possibly without a return date for school or foundation here in the UK. So until we return to normal here we have gathered some of the best movies for the much younger viewers out there which we believe they will enjoy.

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Great Throwback Classics

We’ve entered into a new era now where movies are evolving and becoming more cinematic with fantastic CGI and special effects than ever before. Don’t get me wrong, these new cinematic masterpieces were being gifted with nowadays are sensational with their storylines, cinematography and acting improving all the time and immersing us more than ever in the worlds they create. However, we can’t forget about the timeless classics which we all used to watch over and over again back in our early childhood growing up. These films were once our favourite movies to ever appear in cinema so meaning as we’ve got more time than ever on our hands we don’t we revisit some of these great childhood classics.

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Maleficent: Mistress of Evil – MOVIE REVIEW

Following the events from the previous movie, Aurora is now the Queen of the Moors. However, things start turning out for the worst when she is offered to marry Prince Phillip in which Maleficent travels to their castle to meet Aurora’s future in-laws and she lashes out which leaves yet again a bad reputation on her. On her journey, Maleficent discovers and join forces with outcasts of her own kind to finally defeat the Queen who wants her dead.

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