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‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 trailer is finally here!

Well finally its here. After just six months of the very first season, The hugely popular ‘The Mandalorian’ is getting its second season next month. The trailer has already give us an exciting insight into what we could be expecting coming this October.

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First Impressions of Pinocchio 2020

With the recently announced remaster of Pinocchio and with it being released in cinemas worldwide now, it’s fair to say that it’s already receiving mixed reviews from beloved fans of the classic children’s story franchise. So in case any of you are still wondering what the movies really like upon first impressions, we are going to give you our thoughts and opinions so far after seeing the first official release trailer for Pinocchio 2020.

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Pinocchio – Reveal Trailer Analysis

Pinocchio. The famous childhood story about a wooden puppet who dreamt of becoming a real boy is finally taking to the big screen with an all-new live-action revival for the series. Last week its official reveal trailer dropped and I think its safe to say that it has been one of the biggest talking points so far. With different people giving their mixed thoughts about it, what is the movie actually like and will it live up to its full potential?

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Fantastic Movies For Younger Viewers

As we know the Coronavirus pandemic has affected every part of modern-day life from work, education and of course our freedom which we all take for granted. Children and teenagers have had their education postponed with many classes taking to the online format but still don’t have that classroom to take advantage of to reach the best they can in their education. However, many much younger viewers out there are still stuck out home possibly without a return date for school or foundation here in the UK. So until we return to normal here we have gathered some of the best movies for the much younger viewers out there which we believe they will enjoy.

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X- MEN Coming To The MCU?

After the final installment of the Infinity Saga, fans have now been speculating what is to come from Marvel in the near future regarding what new franchises they may bring into their MCU. The one series which everyone seems to think could make a return and make their debut into the cinematic universe are of course the X-Men. But are these specualtions true or just something else to keep fans thinking?

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