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Uncharted Film Now In Production – What We Know So Far

The highly anticipated film adaptation of the hugely popular video game series Uncharted has finally started its production after delay after delay. Tom Holland, who is taking lead as Nathan Drake on the film, has confirmed that the film will now begin filming and has also said that the current script is the best one yet. However, ever since its announcement we have not been given a lot of information about its storyline or the cast for that matter so what do we actually know about the upcoming Uncharted movie?

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Video Games That Would Make Great Movies

So keeping on the theme of video games again following last weeks post, lets now see which popular video games would make fantastic movies if they had their own film adaptations. Some on these list make surprise some of you as we’ve got a variety of genres and types here which some gamers and movie enthusiasts will get hyped about. As these movies are becoming increasingly popular by the minute as well as numerous film adaptations of games already on their way I think its the perfect time to talk about which other ones would make great blockbusters.

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Movies Based On Video Games You Need To Watch

Movies based on classic video games are becoming more popular all the time and have some of the best CGI in them I have ever seen. Especially with the release of Ready Player One a few years back, that one for me had some fantastic CGI which I’ve seen nowhere else before in movies or TV. But as these kinds of movies grow, are they becoming a bit too far fetched at times and making them confusing for viewers instead of telling the story more clearly. So which ones are actually worth watching to give you the best viewing experience possible.

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