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Angel Has Fallen – MOVIE REVIEW

President Allan Trumbull was out of Washington and when a failed assassination attempt on the President goes sideways, his most loyal secret service agent, Mike Banning, is taken into custody and charged as the culprit of the assassination. He must now use all of his skills and inside knowledge to evade capture from the FBI and even the Secret Service to find the real threat towards the President.

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New Bond Movie Announced

According to the official twitter account for James Bond, they have officially stated that Daniel Crag will return as James Bond in 2020 in the new Bond which was known as Bond 25 but now has an official title called ‘No Time To Die’. The movie is said to be released on April 3rd in the UK however the US will have to wait for few days until April 8th.

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Angel Has Fallen: The Story So Far

Following the release of ‘Angel Has Fallen’ this Wednesday, which is the third instalment of the ‘Fallen Series’, we thought it would be best to recap what has happened so far in the trilogy so that we are all caught up and understand the story better on Wednesday. Please be aware, reading on will contain spoilers on the first two movies so far in the series so if you would like to watch the movies in order yourself then please stop reading from here. This summary will be quite long but it will be worth it so you are not confused with any of the previous storylines or the characters on Wednesday.

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