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First Impressions of Pinocchio 2020

With the recently announced remaster of Pinocchio and with it being released in cinemas worldwide now, it’s fair to say that it’s already receiving mixed reviews from beloved fans of the classic children’s story franchise. So in case any of you are still wondering what the movies really like upon first impressions, we are going to give you our thoughts and opinions so far after seeing the first official release trailer for Pinocchio 2020.

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Pinocchio – Reveal Trailer Analysis

Pinocchio. The famous childhood story about a wooden puppet who dreamt of becoming a real boy is finally taking to the big screen with an all-new live-action revival for the series. Last week its official reveal trailer dropped and I think its safe to say that it has been one of the biggest talking points so far. With different people giving their mixed thoughts about it, what is the movie actually like and will it live up to its full potential?

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