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The Oscar Winners of 2021

The 93rd Academy Awards was held last Sunday night (or early Monday morning here in the UK) and what a show they had. In a world where diversity is important in all aspects of life, last weeks Oscars really showed what different kinds of talent we have in the industry from all manners of life. But just incase you missed it, here’s the full list of winners of the 2021 Academy Awards.

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Coronavirus affects ‘The Oscars’ and ‘Baftas’

As we all know, the coronavirus has affected many industries and events around the world over the course of this year. Events which we usually take for granted have either been cancelled or postponed for a later date for the safety of the public. As lockdown eases, we see a spark of hope of cinemas opening back up. However, as films have not been able to show as they normally do its only fair that the major film award ceremonies are pushed back to allow the films to be able to finish production show to fans for voting eligibility.

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