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DOLLHOUSE: The Eradication of Female Subjectivity from American Popular Culture – MOVIE REVIEW

The main characters in this film are all played out by dolls who tell the rise and fall story of child superstar Junie Spoon whose life begins to spiral out of control. A story told by the ones who really knew her the best and finally unravel what went wrong for the child pop star who rose to fame overnight.

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Every Song Featured In Guardians of The Galaxy

The Guardians of The Galaxy movies are known for featuring some of the best oldie songs out there which many people, especially the younger generation, may not know. So I thought providing you with a list with all the songs featured in their movies might be a good idea so you can enjoy them just as much as Starlord does. These pieces of music have been around for years and still to this day they are some of the best classics you can find and we will also be proving a Spotify link with all these songs in one playlist for you all to enjoy.

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I Used To Be Normal – REVIEW

‘I Used To Be Normal’ is a documentary highlighting the lives of four women around the world whose lives have been altered because of their love and obsessions with boybands. It embarks us on a journey showing us how obsessions may lead to successful careers and create new experiences and possibilities on the way.

Throughout the documentary, we are shown the lives of four women and how they cope with their obsessions for their all-time favourite bands. We are shown the lives of Elif who is 16, Dara who is 33, Sadia who is 25 and Susan who is 64 which is interesting to see how the older generations deal with obsessions compared to the modern-day society. There isn’t really one main storyline as this isn’t classed as a film but more of a documentary but instead keeps going back and forth through the personal and social lives of each girl and how their love for boybands as changed them as they also go through new life experiences alongside their boyband obsessions. Additionally, you can most likely now tell that the documentary is mostly aimed at the women demographics at any age as they will be more able to relate to each of the girls lives growing up. However, I believe that even some men may be able to take something from this as even if they don’t have a love for music they may still be able to take something from this even if it is based around the music industry.

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