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Is Wizarding World Gold Worth it?

The new Wizarding World Gold subscription by J.K Rowling for the fans of the Harry Potter universe has been out for some time now and for £60.00 annually you get access to a whole range of exclusive benefits just for gold members. However, some may argue that the price isn’t worth it but as a gold member, I will tell you why it is defiantly worth it if you’re a massive Harry Potter fan like me.

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New Rumoured ‘Harry Potter’ Movie Coming 2020?

The last Harry Potter movie we saw on the big screen last aired in 2011, almost 10 years ago, and since then the wizarding world we all know and love has grown to a worldwide phenomenon with 8 major motion pictures, 7 books and now with 2 spin-off films from the ‘Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them’ timeline. However, since the release of the broadway play ‘Cursed Child’ they have now been speculations that it could be adapted into a movie itself. Along with hints from JK Rowling herself.

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4DX Review: Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone

On the 31st August 2019 was the date when timeless classics made a return to Cineworld for a one time only appearance in 4DX. Just some of these included Fast & Furious and of course Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone. However, did they really manage to deliver the same enjoyment and experience as they always do even though they are in 4DX this time?

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