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Biggest Box Offices Last Decade Worldwide

The world as seen some fantastic movies throughout the 2010 era with many becoming some of the most popular films to date with many still being watched today. But with all these great releases, which movies actually made the biggest box offices upon their opening weekend?

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Will The Coronavirus Impact The Movie Industry Forever?

Upon a recent interview, which was held between Daily Wire and Jason Blum, he revealed his thoughts on how cinemas across the world will be majorly affected by the coronavirus once it goes away. One thing for certain, something may have to change in the industry so that movies still in theatres have a fighting chance against the modern-day streaming services.

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Coronavirus: Our Statement

The COVID-19 disease has caused crises amongst nations across the world. These have left devastating effects on countries and all sectors and industries have and some sort of impact from the coronavirus. However, since the restrictions on daily life in the United Kingdom has increased and become tighter we believe that it the time is now to explain where we stand in this current situation.

On the 23rd March the UK Prime Minister, Borris Johnson, declared to the nation at 8:30PM that the government will be increasing the restrictions to daily life due to the constant spread of the coronavirus as an attempt to delay which ultimately ended up as a lockdown. From this moment on for the next 3 weeks at the most, all UK citizens are only allowed to leave their homes to either shop for essential supplies such as food and medicine, exercise but only once a day and also to travel to and from work if their job is categorised as being a key worker. All of these restrictions also follow the new stricter social distancing rules meaning that you must only trave outside your home with 1 member from your household and keep a safe distance between anyone else you may encounter.

Upon these new rules, the government has also granted the police force extra powers to enforce these restrictions more appropriately. By Thursday, anyone who is seen outside of their home without proper reasoning, they will be punished by a fine. Additionally, any gatherings seen with more than 2 people will be broken up immediately.

As we are a UK based organization, we think its only fair to explain where we currently stand in this current global crisis along with what we may do differently to help the needs of everyone in lockdown. Our normal posting schedule will remain the same. However, our article type and content may vary from time to time now because of the lockdown.

For example, movie reviews will most likely start to slow down due to cinemas nationwide being closed and studios stopping production and content such as our original top ten lists to show our favourite titles to watch whilst you have some time off, movie theories and other types of content we wish to bring out during the next few weeks. We aim to make our content from now more engaging and entertaining which will draw your attention in more and act as an escape to the crisis right around the corner.

We thank you for your support for these hard times and we wish you all are safe and healthy during this period. Please, to safe lives and protect our fantastic NHS, stay at home and follow these guidelines set out by the government.
Stay safe,

-The Cinema Lounge Team

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