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Ezra Miller’s New Flash suit for Flashpoint movie 2022

Back at the DC FanDome event, a new concept art was released which revealed the new look of Ezra Miller’s Flash suit for the upcoming Flashpoint movie coming 2022. Along with this, we also got given some new exciting information regarding the film including the announcement of Batman’s involvement.

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What Can We Expect In Wonder Woman 1984?

So after delay after delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, we now have an official trailer for the new upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 making its entry into the DCEU. The trailer released as part of the recent DC FanDome which happened August 22nd. Already it has fans hyped up about the release of the movie this year and what’s in store for Diana Prince. But one thing more sure, we are now in the future people. This time we are entering a whole new world giving off a different vibe from Wonder Woman that we have never seen before.

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The Joker: Trailer Analysis

October 4th marks the release of the upcoming Joker movie and boy does it look good. The final trailer released yesterday (August 28th) and it gives more detail of the story suggested and of the actual plot of the movie. So we decided to do a trailer analysis to give a few suggestions of what could be happening in the movie and other plot details which we have picked up on throughout.

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