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How Is The Light Cinema

We’ve discussed many cinemas in the past but one chain I feel like doesn’t get enough attention is The Light Cinema. This cinema is relativity new on the scene compared to its other competitors and isn’t talked about as much as others but we have been to it more recently and are hugely impressed with it. It’s a cinema which gives you that classic cinema feel which many chains don’t do very often.

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Cinema Do’s And Don’ts

Heading back to the cinema has never felt so good. With so many movies that await us, its time to get back into the routine of heading to the big screen regularly. So as I’ve previously mentioned the cinema pet peeves on a previous post so you know what to watch out for this time we have now listed our top cinema do’s and don’ts below to make your experience that much better.

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What Are the Everyman cinemas like?

If you haven’t heard of them already, Everyman cinemas are a unique experience whilst you watch your movie almost feeling like you’re the VIP. For me, there’re the new upcoming cinema chain who could seriously challenge all the other top cinema branches out there in the UK. Trust me if you haven’t heard about them before, then once you finally hear about what they are all about your entire cinema experience will be changed forever.

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Is Cineworld Unlimited Worth It?

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease slowly here in the UK, we can finally see a lot of our favourite leisure activities reopening, such as cinemas, after months of closure. So as cinemas across the country begin to open their doors back open to the public we can finally get back to watching all the new releases this year on the big screen. One of these cinema chains reopening is, of course, the cinema giant Cineworld. Eventually, you might be thinking of purchasing one of their Unlimited memberships to enjoy endless amounts of cinema each month. But is it really worth it for the avid cinema-goer or is it mainly for the die-hard fans of the silver screen?

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The Reopening Of Cineworld!

As the lockdown restrictions in the UK begin to ease, many businesses are starting to open back up after months of closure. One of these businesses is, of course, one of the UK’s leading cinemas, Cineworld. However, it will be a very different environment to what we are used to normally as they have placed some of their own restrictions and measures in place to keep everyone safe whilst normality begins to return.

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