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Ezra Miller’s New Flash suit for Flashpoint movie 2022

Back at the DC FanDome event, a new concept art was released which revealed the new look of Ezra Miller’s Flash suit for the upcoming Flashpoint movie coming 2022. Along with this, we also got given some new exciting information regarding the film including the announcement of Batman’s involvement.

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The Batman 2021 – Trailer Analysis

With the recent DC FanDome convention held last week, we were treated to a whole range of teasers for exciting DC projects in the works. One of these I particular was something which all of us have definitely been waiting for. It’s, of course, the first-ever trailer for Robert Pattinson’s The Batman set to release in cinemas next year. From what we gathered already about the film, we know that it’s going to be an entirely new Batman universe to what we are used to so its exciting to see what it’s going to be like because for a first I have no idea what we could expect from a movie trailer.

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