Sky Glass Tips & Tricks

Sky have recently released their own TV with Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV plus more built into the TV itself. Capable of streaming in 4K with an Dolby Atmos surround sound system this TV is truly one of a kind. So, if you’ve already got one or planning on getting one then we’ve got some tips and tricks which are a must to enhance your Sky Glass experience.

Set default viewing mode to UHD

So you’ve bought your new 4K Ultra HD TV and are looking forward to streaming every huge blockbuster, unmissable series and live sporting event in the TV’s best possible settings. So you would expect your TV to stream all its content in Ultra HD as standard, however, with the Sky Glass this may not be the case. Don’t get me wrong the picture quality is still second to none but to really make sure it is up to Ultra HD quality all the time then be sure to change your Sky Glass’s default viewings mode from HD to UHD to get the best possible experience out of it.

Sign into all your favourite streaming platforms first

The best thing about the Sky Glass is that everything is built into it meaning that all the top streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and more are all on the TV itself and no need for any external hardware or software to get them. But the thing is if you’re like me and you’ve got accounts for nearly all of these services then before you start diving into what the Sky Glass has to offer then take some time at the start to sign in to all your streaming platforms so when it comes to streaming content later, you can seamlessly switch from one to the other without having to worry about passwords.

Take time exploring it and getting used to it

The Sky Glass TV can be an overwhelming experience at first because it is a relatively new concept so do bear in mind that it may take time to get used to how it works and understand it because it is very different from a normal TV you’ve probably had in the past. For example, for most people who’ve owned a TV before you’ve probably recorded a show, movie or sporting event to watch at another time in case you miss it, well now that concept does not exist as they say with Sky Glass there is no need to record another as you can watch anything you want whenever you want. Now, you add content to your “playlist” so you can easily go back to them later on. Also, just take time when you first get it to explore its home pages and find out about the Sky Glass’s neat little tricks and features so you know everything it can do and make your life with it a little easier and enjoyable.

Turn off auto blacklight

This is a 50/50 because turning it off has it’s good and bad features. Basically what black light does is that it automatically dims the screen depending on the environment of your TV and takes into account the surrounding brightness. So in theory this is a fantastic idea but it seems as though Sky hasn’t got it exactly right as for some people black light dims the screen way to dark at night making it harder to see. If you turn off this setting then your Sky Glass will stay the same brightness during day and night but bear in mind that you may have to adjust it manually if the screen becomes too bright much tends to happen with this off. Therefore it may be worthwhile for you to try this feature out and see how it feels for you.

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