The Suicide Squad – MOVIE REVIEW

Some of the worlds most dangerous supervillains are once again sent out on an impossible mission to the remote island of Corto Maltese. With familiar favourites Harley Quinn and Col. Rick Flag they embark through the island but end up finding more than they bargained for.

The follow up to the 2016 film returns better than ever before with new and familiar faces there’s plenty to look forward to in this chaotic, violent adventure. If you thought the first Suicide Squad instalment was crazy then you better buckle up for one insane ride.

The Suicide Squad' review: James Gunn blows up the superhero movie

This time around the story is a little more complex than the previous one and has way more to look forward to than its predecessor. Although at the beginning can be confusing for some viewers as it focuses on a completely different suicide squad but at least it explains why later on. To be honest, the storyline is pretty straight forward in what they are doing and easy enough to follow along to but I do understand how it may loose people from the get-go because of what I have just mentioned but at least it is a smooth transition from the first squad we see to the one we focus on a little later on. Still, at least that means we get introduced to a hell of a lot more characters this time around, who are Black Guard, Weasel, Captain Boomerang, Javelin, T.D.K, Savant and Mongal, which weirdly all blend together nicely in their respective squads. I do have to say though, the groups of characters we are introduced to at first only have a small role and are only there to set the story for the main protagonists so personally it would’ve been great to see more from them and have a more permanent role.

The characters the movie focuses on are Peacemaker, King Shark, Bloodspot, Ratcatcher, and the Polka-Dot Man which have got to be the most crazy group of characters ever to be in the same squad but like I said, somehow all their personalities just blend together quite nicely. Of course, we also have Rick Flag and Harley Quinn returning as well but they aren’t introduced into this squad at first.

Selecting a Squad: James Gunn on The Suicide Squad's Colorful Lineup | DC

Talking about Rick Flag, he has got to be one of the most improved aspects of The Suicide Squad since its 2016 film. If you don’t know what I mean exactly, the Rick Flag character we saw in Suicide Squad (2016) is way different to the one in the 2021 instalment. The one we saw in 2016 was your everyday generic military leader character with no real personality or backstory and wasn’t really an interesting or enjoyable character. However In this years The Suicide Squad, the Rick Flag has gone through a massive overhaul and is now more of a outgoing and enjoyable character to watch with a sense of humour now and seems to have bonded more with his teammates. It’s almost as if he has developed a personality similar to the villains he works with now because he is used to it after all these years as they are scenes of him drinking and partying with his squad during missions which just shows how much that character has developed over the years as the 2016 Rick Flag would have never done anything like that.

Overall though, it is 100% a huge improvement from the 2016 film. Just the visuals alone make it enjoyable to watch. This film is absolutely hilarious with some highly comedic scenes which just make it even better. Its mainly because how each characters personality clashes with one another and sometimes they may not get along that well but when that does happen its even more enjoyable, for the most part however. But, with that being said please bear in mind that it is not a film for children as it can get quite gruesome during almost every fight scene which may leave them frightened.

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