Cinema Do’s And Don’ts

Heading back to the cinema has never felt so good. With so many movies that await us, its time to get back into the routine of heading to the big screen regularly. So as I’ve previously mentioned the cinema pet peeves on a previous post so you know what to watch out for this time we have now listed our top cinema do’s and don’ts below to make your experience that much better.

Do get your snacks early before the movie starts

Popcorn Corn Grains - Free photo on Pixabay

This is probably one that everyone does already but if you’re new and don’t know too much about the beautiful world of the cinema then this might be helpful to you. Getting your cinema treats sorted before you head into your screen is a must even if you’re not that hungry to start off with. This way, it avoids you having to leave your movie at one point so you don’t miss anything on screen.

Don’t ruin the experience for other people

Put The Phone Away! | In the cinema last night. So many peop… | Flickr

I’ve pretty much covered this point in our previous post about the cinema pet peeves however if you missed it I’ll give you a quick rundown of what I mean. In short teams, I basically mean don’t talk or go on your phone during the movie which could cause a huge distraction for others around you.

Arrive at the cinema some time earlier than your film time

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This can be important for a many reasons. Its always a good idea to set off early for any journey for that matter incase you encounter any traffic on your way to the cinema. Also, once you get there they might be queue if its a busy day which could take up more time so just be wary of that. The last thing you want to do is arrive in your screening late and miss some of the movie.

Don’t drink too much at the start of the film

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This may sound weird but trust me I’ve been here before. If I was you, I wouldn’t drink too much at the start of the film because if you’re like me then you’ll be needing the toilet all the way through the film and the last thing you would want to do is leave the screen and miss some of your movie. Trust me, from experience its a huge inconvenience so instead what I do now is take small sips now and again throughout the duration of the film that way as well it should last you through the whole runtime of the film.

Do stay behind a for a little after the credits to see if they is a post credit scene

Now not every movie has one but franchise movies especially love to include these at the end of their movie to reveal what the sequel could be about. One great example is the Marvel movies. Ever wondered why people tend to stay behind during the credits and keep watching? It’s because nowadays post credit scenes have gotten more popular in films and are a great tool to hype up their next instalment so always make sure to stay around for a little to check if your movie has one.

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