Cinema Pet Peeves

As the cinemas are now in full operation once again after being closed for months due to COVID restrictions, we are now all eager to get back to watching all the new releases on the big screen. Which got us thinking, what are some of the biggest cinema pet peeves out there which just make the experience that little uncomfortable.

People On The Phone During The Movie

Poll: Is it acceptable to check your phone in the cinema?

This actually happened on one of my most recent trips to the cinema and boy is it annoying. I’m sure some of you have been in this situation as well when someone sat around in the cinema starts playing on their phone whether its playing a game, texting or something else whilst your trying to enjoy the movie. This one is high up on my list and I consider it a major pet peeve of mine and one of the most selfish things you can do whilst going for a movie. The main reason is just because its a huge distraction for everyone else around them especially if they are in front of you as the glare and brightness from their screen are bound to distract you from what’s happening on screen at some point. So please, if you’ve ever done this please leave your phone turned off until the movie has finished.

People Talking Throughout The Movie

Rant 19: When People Talk During Films | The Hypersonic55's Realm of  Reviews and Other Stuff

However, if its not people on their phone then its someone talking to their friend between themselves next to them throughout the film about whatever. I can’t lie, I haven’t personally, experienced this myself but it has been done before. Whether people are talking about the movie or not between themselves its still quite rude for other people around them. By the way, just incase you are wondering this doesn’t include or laughter, shouting or cheering from the audience as this adds to the overall experience because reacting to the movie with the entire audience is something to defiantly be apart off.

People Kicking Your Chair From Behind

Passenger behind you keep kicking your seat? Here's how to handle it -  Chicago Tribune

We’ve all been there. Someone kicking your chair from behind is a common problem especially on aeroplanes but when it comes to the cinema to can be even more unformattable and ruins the entire movie for you. To be honest, these days its quite rare and I don’t see it happen alot but sometimes you’ll get the occasional accidental tap from the person behind you. As well as that, cinemas now usually have enough room behind each seat so that it is nearly impossible for someone to touch your seat from behind which takes a massive relief off your shoulders.

People Laughing At Every Scene In The Film

I’ve only experienced this once but I’ve heard many of my friends mention that this has happened to them before. It’s not really as selfish as some of the other pet peeves mentioned above but more annoying and sometimes even makes the person in question seem a little strange. Especially when they are sat right next to you. I just can’t understand why people laugh at every single scene in the film even if its not meant to be funny in anyway.

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