Godzilla vs. Kong – MOVIE REVIEW

Kong and a team of scientists embark on a journey to find ‘Hollow Earth’ in an attempt to find Kong’s birth home. On the adventure with them is a young girl who has an unusual connection to the Titan. But their trip is soon interrupted by the ancient lizard Godzilla. The two soon face off against each other which is only the beginning of a huge mystery of what lies beneath the Earth.

Godzilla vs Kong is the MonsterVerse film we have all been waiting for all these years. Every film so far in its franchise has been leading up to this very moment. However, does it live up to its high expectations we have all been hoping for? Although the movie is a true spectacle to watch, the storyline does lack in quality and fails to achieve its goal with a bad setup ultimately leading up to the final battle. Overall, the movie lacked a compelling storyline keeping us engaged all the way through. The main premise of the story is that a group of scientists along with Kong embark on a journey to Hollow Earth in an attempt to find Kong’s true home. However when they eventually come across his world, it sort of got anti-climatic at that point as they wasn’t really much else to say or do then and the movie soon flipped around and got back to the Kong vs Godzilla battles and the journey to Hollow Earth they have just been on was soon forgotten.

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The ending was also disappointing slightly as the whole idea of ‘ONE MUST FALL’ as seen in the trailer, was basically ignored and completely false as none of them were killed instead the two Titians teamed up for one time only to take down Mechagodzilla. Don’t get me wrong, it was fantastic to see the introduction of Mechagodzilla into the MonsterVerse cinematic universe but for me personally it kind of ruined the whole story the way it played out. On a more positive note though, it was still great to relieve the classic King Kong and Godzilla characters once again and was even more exciting to see more of an insight into the two’s history and origins.

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However the film was stunning to watch. A true cinematic masterpiece. Despite everything about the story, this film is a perfect example of how powerful modern day CGI can be these days now. The insane realistic look of the two Titians is a major setup since we last saw them and truly immerses you into their world making you believe he is real. There’s very few films in the industry who manage to use CGI and their cinematic tools to their full potential and this film has achieved it. Many people who I’ve spoken to about this film have said that they got lost and bored within its story but was really enjoyable to watch thanks to its stunning visuals.

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