When Are Cinemas Reopening?

As the lockdown restrictions begin to ease here in the UK, business are beginning to reopen their doors to the public once again. But what about cinemas? Many of us are dying to get back to our local cinemas as soon as we can as they provide a much needed escape from everything that’s happening in the world right now. So when can we expect them to reopen?

April 12 saw the start of the Prime Minister’s easing of lockdown plans begin with many of our normalities coming back back with the reopening of the retail industry, hairdressers, gyms, libraries and outdoor attractions. And with the reopening of pubs but only for outdoor use, things are starting to return back to normal slowly and life coming back as we know it. Although it will seem strange at first, I’m sure all of us are dying to get our freedom back once and for all and see these coronavirus restrictions lifted all together.

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All is not lost however as May 17 marks stage three of the governments easing of lockdown plans allowing more industry’s reopen and this time it includes cinemas. Up to now, we know that the cinema giants Oden, Showcase Cinemas and Cineworld have all announced they will be reopening on May 17.

“We expect to resume operations in the UK in May, in line with the current government guidance. At that time, we will be following government and health authority guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our colleagues and customers.”

Statement from Cineworld’s website
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As of this moment the cinema chain Vue have not said whether they will be opening back up yet or not. However, the luxurious Everyman cinema giant have said that they will be one of the first to reopen alongside the other cinema chains on May 17. Some cinemas have said that they still intend to keep customers and staff as safe as possible still although we don’t know what coronavirus restrictions will still be in place. Of course until then though, outdoor cinemas such as drive-ins are still open to the public as we speak.

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