Monthly Archives: April 2021

When Are Cinemas Reopening?

As the lockdown restrictions begin to ease here in the UK, business are beginning to reopen their doors to the public once again. But what about cinemas? Many of us are dying to get back to our local cinemas as soon as we can as they provide a much needed escape from everything that’s happening in the world right now. So when can we expect them to reopen?

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Riverdale Season 5 Mid-Season Finale – Whats Next?

As Riverdale’s season 5 comes to an end for its mid-season finale break, we’ve already been given an action packed season so far with so many storylines happening at once with all our favourite characters. However, since the mid-season finale break has officially started we now have a long time to wait to find out what will happen following last episodes dramatic ending.

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Best Easter Films To Watch This Easter Holiday

Easter has come round once again. However, some of the usual Easter antics might not be happening this year such as meeting friends and family, going on holiday or setting the kids loose on a Easter egg hunt due to COVID restrictions. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get to still enjoy our Easter break. So here’s our top watches for this Easter holiday.

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