LAVA – Movie Review

Deborah makes her living by working as a skilled tattoo artist. However, things change suddenly when she is hanging out with her housemate’s boyfriend and his friend watching TV when it all of a sudden changes showing a red background with disturbing images moving across the screen. Over the next few days, invasions of giant cats storm the city and start Deborah’s adventure of trying to find out what exactly is going on and how she can put an end to it.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Well its got to be said, Lava is definitely one of the strangest but yet weirdly entertaining movies I’ve come across. This adult animation focuses on Deborah who spends her days as a tattoo artist. But things start becoming more unnormal by the minute when one night she is hanging out watching TV with her housemate and friends when all of a sudden the TV is interrupted by a strange broadcast showing a red background and disturbing images floating across the screen. From then on, the events that follow only get stranger with the invasion of giant cats, giant snake and a giant witch which come to terrorize the city whilst Deborah finds an answer to what is happening and hopefully put an end to it. Sounds fantastic right? Well it does, if it was done correctly.

At first, it starts off straight to the point which I like and is easy to follow along to whilst they are on the run from the giant cats. But I’d say half way through it just gets completely overwhelming with the addition of the giant witch and various other subplot points which haven’t been explained enough to be understandable therefore making it confusing. Even the main storyline hasn’t done a brilliant job of explaining what it’s all about and what exactly is happening.

Overall, it is visually stunning to watch and has a similar art style to what you would find on shows like Family Guy, American Dad and South Park. Putting the storylines flaws to one side, I did quite enjoy watching it as it is one of them films which leaves you with questions to be answered. However, there is a limit and goes that far that it leaves you at the end of the film with still hundreds of questions to be answered as it has gone a poor job of explaining why certain things are happening on screen and what exactly everything is.

As far as alien invasion movies go, this one is definitely the most strangest one yet. I will also say that it’s classed as a adult animation for a reason so if your not into adult themed references or strong language then this one isn’t for you. In addition to that, even though it isn’t a lot there is some slight gore so just be mindful of that. With a movie that had some many unique and interesting ideas, it could have truly been fantastic but failed to execute them smoothly and didn’t flow with the overall film whatsoever and it is one of them films that most people might not enjoy and only fans of its genre will find it entertaining.

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