What Is The Falcon And The Winter Soldier All About?

Disney’s new original series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has finally arrived on their service starring no other than Captain America’s most trusted friends Falcon and Bucky Barnes as they go on an adventure of a lifetime together. If you’re a Marvel fan then you’ll know that these two have a somewhat strained relationship but what exactly is the show about?

Disney Plus’s new anticipated original series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has finally released on the platform as of last Friday. I can’t lie, this has been one I have especially been looking forward to for some time now and I’m so excited that it’s finally here for us with episodes releasing weekly. But what exactly is it going to be about?

Mackie Unsure About Falcon's Future In The MCU - LRM

What we know so far about the show is that it will obviously focus around the life of The Falcon and Bucky Barnes after the events of Endgame. However, some of you may be thinking that the series will focus its storyline around Falcon’s journey to becoming the next Captain America as we saw the old Steve Rogers hand over his shield to his long time friend Sam Wilson giving. But this time, Sam finds himself working alongside the military on missions whilst Bucky Barnes is trying to get on the right path again and make amends for all his years as a Hydra operative committing countless murders.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Everything You Need To Know Before  Watching The Show | TV Series | Empire

However, they once again run into each other and having to step up as the country’s new heroes. Since the Winter Soldier’s first introduction in Avengers: Civil War, The Falcon and Bucky Barnes have always had a love-hate relationship with one another but at least both of them know they are on the same side. Producers have also said that the series will be in the style of the Captain America films showing that Steve Rogers’ presence is still there. No one has directly said that Captain America will feature in the show and to be quite honest we don’t expect him too. As we’ve said before though, Sam Wilson will still carry on the legacy of the shield.

From what we’ve seen the show seems to be also be in the style of a buddy action film with each of them throwing the bat to one another from time to time. Up to now, I’ really enjoying the show and excited to see where it goes in future episodes.

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