Prisoners – MOVIE REVIEW

Keller’s daughter goes missing and when he soon realises that the police are taking longer than he thought, he decides to take things into his own hands by going out to find his daughter’s kidnapper himself. However, his mental health begins to decline and so he starts doing things he will soon regret leading him to kidnap and torture an individual who he believes is connected to his daughter’s disappearance.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What more can I say about this story. Its gripping, intriguing and the storyline is perfect for a movie. Even though not much past paced action happens throughout like nowadays action movies do, it easily makes it up for the story. The main plotline of the movie focuses around Keller Dover’s missing daughter case and how the police manage to solve how she was kidnapped and where she was this entire time. It’s not until you watch it until you realise how perfect of a storyline this was as it always keeps you on edge with unanswered questions therefore making you watch on to find out the truth to the whole mystery.

But the fun doesn’t stop there as you’ll find exciting twits and dramatic turns of events which change the dynamic of the film. And trust me, whatever theory you had in mind about the case it will turn out to be completely wrong and the result will be something you won’t see coming. Furthermore if that wasn’t enough for you already, I won’t spoil what happens exactly incase you haven’t seen it but it leaves us a cliff-hanger ending and is in need of a sequel and with it being seven years since it films release I don’t see one anytime soon unfortunately.

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Even though there is little action throughout with a few dramatic scenes along with a few chase scenes here and there, it’s still really interesting to see the characters develop over time. At the start, Keller is living a normal happy life with his wife, son and daughter but since her disappearance his mental health began to decline and he turned to drinking and taking things into his own hands which later came back to haunt him. But at the same time though, it’s kind of emotional to see just how far a father is willing to go to get his daughter back in his hands.

Once again, there is nothing negative to say regarding the acting from all actors as it was a perfect performance all around. Though you may even see a few familiar faces in the movie as well with the likes of Hugh Jackman from The Greatest Showman and Wolverine, Jake Gyllenhaal from Brokeback Mountain and Spiderman: Far From Home, Dylan Minnette from 13 Reasons Why plus many more talents starring alongside them.

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