Spiderman 3 Whiteboard Easter Eggs

Within the teaser video the official Spiderman: No Way Home trailer released on their twitter account promoting the new movie contained a very interesting whiteboard in the background. Since then, this whiteboard has been the hot topic amongst fans as it could possibly contain Easter eggs or hints indicating what the movie could be about.

If you don’t know already, last week a teaser video came out which finally revealed what the title of Tom Holland’s third Spiderman film will be named which was Spiderman: No Way Home. Along with revealing its title, the video also showcased a whiteboard in the background which have got fans excited. You may be thinking, what’s so special about a whiteboard? Well its because this one could contain all sorts of Easter eggs and hints that could give us an insight into what the film could be about or what we could expect.

Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor

One of the first things we saw was the drawing of Tony Stark’s arc reactor at the top left. If you’re unaware, Tony Stark played a big part in Spider-Man’s life before the events of Endgame and helped him get to where he is today. Iron Man became a mentor for Peter Parker and was even the one who made him his high tech suit and offer him a place with the Avengers.

Iron Man Takes Spider-Man's Suit Scene - Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)  Movie CLIP HD - YouTube

As we saw in Spiderman: Far From Home as well, Tony Stark’s death still hurts Peter to this day as he saw him as a father figure and someone who he could look up too. So this might not mean anything at all regarding the upcoming third film and might just be there to show that Iron Man and Spiderman were connected at some point in the past.

Or could this potentially mean a return of the one and only Tony Stark? As we all know that the third film will be taking us to the multiverse along with Doctor Strange. So could we we be seeing another Iron Man from an alternate universe?

The Many Hexagons

WandaVision: The hexagon theory and villain Mephisto, explained - Polygon

You’ve probably heard many people talk about these whether its to do with the hex in WandaVision or the hexes on the whiteboard in the Spiderman teaser video. I’ll be honest. At first I was confused what all the fuss was about with these hexes but if you think about it, it becomes more clear. So as we have seen in WandaVision, the hex in the show represents the world that Wanda has created.

However if you look a little closer, some of you may realise that these hexagon shapes were also present in Guardians Of The Galaxy movies you might remember the hexagons appearing every time the guardians jump from planet to planet. So it seems like space is linking all these hexagons together which again could lead back to the multiverse as the film has been said to be taking place within the MCU multiverse.

The Multiverse

Diving Deep Into the Backstory and Themes of Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' -  The Ringer

If you haven’t realised by now, every point we have discussed so far links back to the multiverse theory. So this idea is starting to seem a way more likely plot point now for the upcoming movie. Another clue to prove this is if you look in the bottom left corner of the whiteboard just to the left of the crossed out Far From Home title you can see what appears to be small circular drawings.

At first glace, these might not been much like every other image on there. All these circles could be trying to resemble the everlasting multiverse made up of thousands of alternate Earths. Even though we have said plenty of times that the film has been highly rumoured to be based around the multiverse, all these clues could be potentially, giving us an insight into what the actual storyline might be regarding MCU’s answer to the multiverse.

They are other small hints dotted around the whiteboard as well linking back to this theory like the image of the tesseract which we all know contains the space stone used to access the multiverse and also the many other Spiderman unused movie names such as Can’t Find Home, Home Worlds and Close To Home.

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