Movies And TV To Get You Through Lockdown

We all know by now that lockdown is getting though and the constant boredom is getting tiring now with little to nothing to do. Feat not though as we are here to make your days interesting and exciting with our top movies and TV to get you through lockdown.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Image result for Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

The tragic case of Elise Lam’s disappearance at the Cecil Hotel comes to Netflix to give us a four part documentary of the mysterious case. The series shows interviews from all the people involved including the detectives who were on the case and the manager and staff of the Cecil Hotel at the time and people who share their own opinion and thoughts on the case. Throughout the episodes, it takes you on a journey of how Elisa vanished completely from the face of the Earth and how she was found in the end. This show will easily catch your attention and instantly hook you in wanting to find out the truth about what happened.

Riverdale Season 5

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We’ve already covered what the new season of Riverdale here and if we haven’t said it yet, you should definitely catch up on it. Season five focuses on a whole new era of Riverdale as we know it since the characters we have known since season one have graduated from Riverdale High. Seven years into the future, Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead all have different lives now but still another mystery brings the gang back to their home town.

Brooklyn 99

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Ah yes. My personal favourite TV show as it never gets old no matter what season you watch. The sitcom about the unusual and adventurous lives of some of the finest NYPD detectives in Brooklyn. Each episode brings a new plotline for that episode which doesn’t fail to disappoint so you always have something new to look forward to each time. I’ve got to say its one of if not the most hilarious TV shows out there without a shadow of a doubt. Definitely highly recommend.


Image result for WandaVision

I know you are probably getting tired of us mentioning WandaVision now with how much we’ve commented and wrote about it. But since its one of Disney Plus’s newest release on their platform during the past weeks I think its only fair to put it on the list. If you haven’t caught up already, WandaVision focuses on Wanda and Vision living what seems a perfectly ordinary life in a 1950’s but what they don’t realise is that this town is more than what it seems. Like I’ve mentioned before, the thing that grips me into this is the desire to want to know more and find out more as the show leaves you with little to no information at the start about what’s really happening and leaves you wanting to find out the truth.

Instant Family

Image result for Instant Family

I’ve only just recently watched this but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. At first, I loved the concept of the film and everything but was unsure about how it would play out but in the end I absolutely loved it. The film was a comedic masterpiece in my opinion. The story about a married couple who decide to go down the adoption route and choose to adopt a teenager Lizzy and her two younger siblings. However, they soon come to realise that looking after the three becomes more of a challenge than they bargained for.

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