Riverdale Season 5 so far

Riverdale’s season 5 is in full swing now with the cast returning for yet another enticing season with another mystery to be solved in the town. So after a few episodes now, let’s find out how it’s doing.

As season 5 began, I couldn’t help but think that the last season kind of ended abruptly and didn’t really finish up that season’s plot line as well as it could’ve. The last episode of season 4 titled “Killing Mr Honey” focused on Jughead’s story in which Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and some other classmates came up with a plan to kill Mr Honey. However, during the episode 3, “Graduation”, in season 5 the gang finally ended up graduating from Riverdale high and from then on went all their separate ways and in the following episodes it shows the lives of the characters seven years from then.

But what may have been nice to see is to finish off season 4 with the “Graduation” episode and then in season 5 they can focus on a completely different Riverdale and storyline all together as we will be meeting very different versions of the characters we have known because of the seven year time difference. Nevertheless, I can’t fault them for this one bit as probably all of us know the Coronavirus pandemic may have had a part to play in this and completely messed up the filming and story’s timeline for the end of season 4 and the start 5. So at the end of the day, its not their fault.

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Once again the screenplay is fantastic as well as the acting from all cast members performing an excellent portrayal of their characters. Because Riverdale is in a whole new era now, that doesn’t mean that your old favourite characters won’t be coming back as Kevin Keller, Toni Topaz, Cheryl Blossom and the rest of the cast including Hiram Lodge who has now turned Riverdale upside down and turned it into a lawless town for his own gain and is yet again the main problem of the season. Along with that we are also going to be introduced to a bunch of new characters that have played a part in the characters lives over the past seven years.

Even though I’ll miss the old Riverdale we have grown to love since its pilot, I am really excited for this new season to get into the full swing now as no one knows what will happen making it a complete mystery in classic Riverdale style. As each character returns to the town, we don’t know what they’ll encounter or discover on their adventure to retake the town and bring Riverdale back to life. In the past seasons they have all had a similar plotline with something to do with a murder mystery. But this season doesn’t seem to be following this pattern and is doing something completely different to what we have seen before making it even more exciting and makes the audience want to find out what happens each week.

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