First Impressions Of WandaVision

Since we’ve now covered what the show’s all about, let’s find out if the shows worth the watch or not. The series has been out for a few weeks now and I’ve had the chance to catch-up on all available episodes and so here’s what I think of it so far.

As I’ve mentioned before in our previous WandaVision post, the show at the pilot episode and possibly the next few until episode four can confuse you if you don’t fully understand what’s happening. However, I think that this is some of the best writing in a TV show I’ve seen. The writers, producers and director have perfectly played out the show in a way which makes the audience wanting more to find out as it leaves so many unanswered questions each episode which I think its just plain brilliant. In a way, its a great storytelling technique by leaving out alot of detail of the main plotline in the beginning. At the end of each episode and throughout it slowly starts to show that something isn’t right about the town and some strange suspicious people and events are starting to unravel themselves to us which obliviously tells us that something is happening but still don’t know for sure. To be honest after watching the series, I’ve grown to love this method even more as it always leaves the show on a cliff-hanger each episode and puts you on edge on what’s to come. So we’ve got to congratulate the show’s writers for making it as effective as possible.

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In addition to that, without realising it as well the show could potentially be setting up other Marvel productions to come in near future. If you haven’t seen the recent episodes then Wanda’s brother Quicksilver returns but not exactly how we remember him. You may be thinking, but didn’t he get killed by Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron? And yes, yes he did. That’s why in WandaVision, Wanda’s brother is played by a different version of Quicksilver. Specifically the Quicksilver which played in the X-Men franchise. So this could be the first hint and insight into Marvel’s multiverse. And because of this, it will also setup Yom Holland’s third Spiderman as well as that’s hinted to finally reveal the MCU multiverse alongside Doctor Strange.

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