The Problem I have With Cobra Kai

The popular Netflix series Cobra Kai has been a major hit on its platform bringing the world of the original Karate Kid back to live with its own spin-off show. However, even though its fantastic to see the original actors returning to reprise their roles and seeing all the Karate Kid references in a new way the question does still stand, does it really live up to the classic Karate Kid franchise?

Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love the show and the fact that they have brought back the world of Karate Kid for us but I can’t help but notice a few flaws. I didn’t really notice through the first season as I did the second and during the third season which was just been released last month, it finally clicked what the series has been missing. The acting. Now, I don’t have hate towards any of the characters or actors who portray but I feel like some of the acting doesn’t really sell it for me and loses its realism a little during different scenes. The returning characters, Ralph Macchino as Daniel LaRusso, William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence , Martin Kove as John Kreese and also Elisabeth Shue as Ali Mills, don’t really disappoint whatsoever and still deliver the same Karate Kid feel between him back in the original trilogy.

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With this mind, its more of the new cast members and characters making their entry into the Karate Kid universe such as Xolo Mariduena as Miguel Diaz, Mary Mouser as Samantha LaRusso, Jacob Bertrand as Hawk and the rest of the new additions. For me personally, I just think that at times the acting can be a little cringey in a way from the new characters and getting rid of that classic Karate Kid feel which it should have. Additionally, some of the fighting sequences as well were way to unrealistic for my liking. In the first Karate Kid film, all the moves the characters were doing seemed to fit quite well and represented their respective dojo’s Karate style perfectly. For example, members of the Cobra Kai dojo had a more aggressive style of fighting whereas Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi had a more technical fighting style and didn’t lean to be the aggressor as much. However, in the Cobra Kai Netflix series, the moves that some characters were performing seemed to be way unrealistic compared to what they were learning in their training.

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All in all though, I have to say that despite some of the show’s problems I really do enjoy watching the series as it still makes an exhilarating watch. The show does know how to make a cliff-hanger I’ll give it that, just watch the past two seasons and you’ll know what I mean. I think one of the best parts of Cobra Kai and what makes fans enjoy it just a little more is hundreds of Karate Kid references the show has scattered throughout. Of course a Karate Kid film or show wouldn’t be the same without the one and only Mr. Miyagi and the show paid tribute to film referencing some of his and Daniel’s good times together.

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