White Lie focuses on the story about a university student who fakes her diagnosis of cancer to profit from the fame and money. However, her story begins to unravel itself when the truth is leaked out and her entire life begins to spiral out of control.

When I heard about his movie I had to jump at the opportunity to watch it as it sounds like the perfect plot for a drama. And boy was I right. Bearing in mind that it doesn’t really start with the fastest opening like most films do nowadays, it really doesn’t matter as such cause this style suits the film and its entirety.

At first to the naked eye, it seems like an innocent film about a girl’s life whilst dealing with cancer. However, we soon find out the real truth behind the entire story which is what I love most about this film as it gives it a more gripping story. In line with what we’ve just said, you also feel for the girl at first as nothing about what’s happening isn’t revealed at first and her life starts to spiral out of control piece by piece.

White Lie

Even though the progression of the movie can be slow at times, especially at the start, but at least its easy to follow along it and doesn’t really loose you at any point. But I do have to say, it does redeem itself in the later stage of the film where Katie’s lie is finally revealed to everyone and she has to deal with the aftermath to the whole situation as all her friends, family and supporters start to find out one by on making it a dramatic as it goes on.

There was one point which seemed to confuse me a little. The film ended with Katie going onto a radio show to talk about her life and her current situation. However, before she went on she seemed to admit that her cancer was infact a fake to her partner and whilst in her interview her partner left and then the film ended. Personally, I would’ve liked abit more here to fully explain what was happening as it is unclear to an extent. Nevertheless, I still appreciate how they created a somewhat cliff-hanger at the end leaving the viewers with unanswered questions.

REVIEW: White Lie - Gimli Film Festival

Now, for a independently made film, the cinematography was exceptional and can even challenge some of the big blockbusters nowadays. Something which I don’t talk about even about films is there soundtracks. For the ‘White Lie’ there were soundtracks and music which perfectly fitted the atmosphere of the scene they were representing but on the other hand they does seem to be some which is an odd choice and puts of the atmosphere for the scene in a way. Overall though, I am really impressed with how it looks.

As I’ve mentioned before, there isn’t that much action at the start but does pick itself up a little at what I would call the turning point in the film. From then on, the film does begin to get more interesting and dramatic as it mainly deals with the aftermath of everyone finding out about her secret. To be honest, one way it makes it more interesting is the way that the news is delivered as it is totally unexpected but not necessary surprising. Its clever how they have made the film as even more there isn’t much action as such it still entices you in to find out what happens next making it a true drama.

White Lie Movie – Streaming soon

You don’t get all the character development as you might do in bigger Hollywood titles but we still get a fair amount of character development from Katie as well as exploring more of her family and personal life throughout. Along the way we’re treated to meeting new characters who have their own important role to play. No matter what we think of the film, we have got to appreciate each and every actors fantastic acting and portrayal of their characters.

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