Bad Boys For Life – MOVIE REVIEW

Miami Police detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett join the forces once again with the police’s special team AMMO in aid to track down Armando who’s on a mission to kill Mike by his mother.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Finally, after months we can now finally watch Bad Boys For Life and I must say I have been looking forward to this one ever since it was announced. And I’ve got to say, I wasn’t disappointed at all. From all the films I’ve watched over the Christmas period had storylines which weren’t the easiest to follow along to so it was a joy to finally see something that had a great plotline which was easy to follow along to. For fans of the original films back in the day from 1995 to 2003, it won’t take you long to get settled in once again as we see Miami’s best detectives up to their usual antics.

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For me, the most important part of any film is the opening sequence. If a film has a confusing opening which doesn’t really explain the story, setting or the characters well then it will lose the audience straight away and make it harder to enjoy as most of the time you’re trying to work out what’s happening. However with Bad Boys For Life, that is not the case. The film opens with an intense car chase sequence, similar to the ones seen in Sky’s original series Bulletproof, in their typical manner by doing things their own way. The two’s hilarious personalities is also present from the very first second to the very last which is just fantastic to see as it shows that the characters or any part of the franchise hasn’t been touched or changed since we last saw them in 2003.

I love how they have shown how Mike and Larry’s times have moved on and incorporated more modern day tech and weaponry into it with the addition of AMMO. A more advanced division of the Miami police department and shows how Mike is at first reluctant to having the team help him and how their plans don’t fit in with his way of thinking. But at the end of the day, the two cops find out that AMMO can really help them.

Bad Boys For Life: Movie Review

know I like to go on about how you can’t beat the originals but with this one I think they can be an expectation. The classics are the definition of the perfect buddy cop film and this definitely lives up to his ancestors and brings back the series which all of us have been waiting for.

In difference in the style of cinematography used between this one and the originals isn’t really that different apart from of course this instalment looks a hundred times better thanks to the technology studios have access to these days. Its the setting that plays the biggest part here. If you have the right setting, then the cinematography automatically looks sensational.

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I guess we’ve already explained what we think of the acting and how they have portrayed their characters once again. Even though its be years since they’ve played Mike and Larry on screen, its like the two never left their characters as they still played an amazing action movie. Oh and one final thing, remember Captain Howard from Bad Boys 1 and 2? Well he makes his return in Bad Boys For Life reprising his role as Captain Howard.

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