Cinema Lounge Awards Cancelled For 2020

This year, we at Cinema Lounge Reviews have decided to cancel our annual Cinema Lounge Awards post due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Hey everyone! We hope you’re all staying safe during these hard times and of course are having a happy new year. We at Cinema Lounge Reviews have taken the decision to cancel our annual Cinema Lounge Awards post celebrating all the amazing films that were given to us through the year. However, we thought that because many of the planned 2020 films are now postponed until sometime in 2021 it wasn’t really fair. In addition to that, as the cinemas have been closed around the world meaning that we haven’t been able to get out as many reviews as we normally do.

Curtains - As audiences gingerly return, cinemas face a new problem |  Business | The Economist

However, a new year means a fresh start. Our normal posting will now resume as from now meaning that more brand new content will become available weekly once again. In addition to that, we have many more projects in the works as we speak which we are really excited to unveil in the near future. Finally, we love our movies and so we are planning to bring some of our focus back on our movie reviews this year. All in all, we look forward to brining you even more content this year along with exciting announcements through the appear.

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