Wonder Woman 1984 TO Be Released in Cinemas and HBO Max This Christmas

Wonder Woman 1984 is set to release this Christmas in cinemas across the world as well as the HBO Max streaming service currently only available in the US.

Looks like Christmas has come early this year with the highly anticipated ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is set to release this month. After a year of delays for the film first starting to June then August, October and now December its finally going to be released just in time for the Christmas holidays. This week infact.

Why Warner Bros. Put 'Wonder Woman 1984' on HBO Max - Variety

Yes you heard me right, for the UK cinemas that are open due to current government restrictions the movie will be released across the nation from this Wednesday December 16th. This is fantastic news to hear after months without any big cinema releases we now finally have one to look forward to. There is one small catch however. For the US it will also be released on HBO Max streaming platform at the same time as their cinema release but unfortunately HBO Max is not currently available in the UK. So for the people who cannot access a cinema in the UK right now, there is no other way to watch the movie.

If you do leave in the US though, the movie will be released in cinemas on Christmas day itself, December 25th, as well as it being released on HBO Max in which it will remain there for a one month period before it being removed. This move is part of Warner Bros’ plans for its 2021 release slate and ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is the first to follow this path

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