Michael B Jordan ‘Considering’ To Direct Creed III

Michael B Jordan, who played Apollo Creed’s son from the Creed film franchise, is now potentially considering to direct the third instalment of the series.

It has been reported that he is in talks with Warner Bros to potentially make his directorial debut in the instalment of the boxing films in Creed III. Nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet but from what we understand, film producer Irvin Winker has offered the position to Michael in which he is currently ‘considering’.

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If he does direct Creed III, not only would it be his first blockbuster production he would take the reigns on but also add to his other many responsibilities whilst on the project.

As we all know, Michael Jordan stars as Adonis Creed as the lead role in the film series in which he begins to write his own boxing legacy following in the footsteps of his dad Apollo Creed from the famous Rocky franchise. So already he has to keep on an intense training schedule to keep his boxer physique, star as the lead actor but now also another possible role as the director of the film. Directing films at this level is a huge responsibility so it will be interesting to see if he is up to the job and has the skill and mindset to take it onboard.

No actual plot line has been confirmed for Creed III as of yet. We do expect that it will continue to follow Adonis Creed in his boxing career and facing the next tough challenge.

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