Camp Twilight – Movie Review

Six high school students are taken on a camping trip by their teachers to Camp Twilight as result of them at risk of failing. However, during the weekend they soon discover that this park isn’t all fun and games as they eventually realise that a serial killer is on the loose hunting down everyone at the park.

Nowadays a lot of films out there can get straight into the action but with no real introduction and can confuse the audience early on in the story. Camp Twilight is not one of them. Yes it does still get into the action but it does really well explaining what the concept of story is and what dangers this park can pose. Now the overall storyline reminded me a lot of the classic trilogy of Jason Voorhees from the ‘Friday the 13th’ series. The two have a very similar outtake as they both have a murderer who lurks in their nearby camp site waiting for the next group of campers to come on. So you could really think of this as a modern day look on the classic ‘Friday the 13th’ horror story.

Camp Twilight (2020) preview of comedy horror slasher - MOVIES and MANIA

With this in mind they have certainly made it feel like a classic old time horror film which is fantastic to see as I rarely come across one of this styled films nowadays so its definitely a joy to see these on the rise again to relive the good old days of movies. Even though I believe that they have based their film heavily from Jason’s story, this one has its own original twist on it from its location, characters and overall atmosphere. Meaning that its a modern day film focusing on a group of teenagers throughout their weekend, of course its going to have its fair share of teen drama. However, they don’t make you cringe or make it feel out of place at all. In fact, this drama actually becomes a main part of the killings later on.

Exclusive Trailer Debut: Cult Stars Team-Up for CAMP TWILIGHT Releasing  Nov. 1 | Dread Central

Now what we have got to take into consideration is that because its made by a smaller studio and most likely won’t have the kind of budget or equipment these big blockbusters have, its not going to look cinematically perfect and seem like its from Hollywood. But I’ve got to say, in my opinion its really well produced and looks outstanding for what they are trying to achieve. I mean it does have its flaws here and there but them aside I can’t really fault it. I think what really set the atmosphere for the film was the music. The soundtracks and sound effects throughout the movie really set out the mood for each scene and helped towards giving it that classic horror film feel.

Something else which was a joy to watch was the park ranger characters. They did attempt to include hints of comedy through different characters but for me they hit the nail on the head when it came to the park rangers. These two are a perfect duo and was undoubtedly refreshing to watch from all the shocking events that were happening elsewhere.

Camp Twilight (2020) preview of comedy horror slasher - MOVIES and MANIA

The beginning and middle part can get abit dull I’ll admit but when you reach the latter parts towards the end, it starts becoming a more dramatic horror movie filled with suspense and intense moments as the teens are trying to outrun the killers lurking in the park. And what’s a film without any good twists and turns. Camp Twilight most certainly has its very own which even I was shocked by.

But I do also have to point out some negatives. Although the park rangers did make it that much more enjoyable, I just wished that the other characters acting could have been improved slightly to add more realism to the story. From a production point of view as well, in some areas the audio wasn’t quite up to scratch. I’m not too sure if it was just me or not but in some scenes the audio seemed that it could have been looked at it be more crisp for the viewers as its one of the most important parts of movie making.

Camp Twilight (2020) preview of comedy horror slasher - MOVIES and MANIA

Overall however, I was pleasantly surprised by everything it had to offer and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. It’s definitely a joy to watch and because of its originality to the storyline, it just makes you want to keep watching to find out how it happens.

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