Brooklyn 99 Stars Andy samberg and craig robinson to star in a whole new superhero movie

Brooklyn 99’s very own Andy Samberg and fellow cast member Craig Robinson and tied to a new superhero film called ‘Super High’ together where smoking a ‘special weed’ grants you superpowers.

Andy Samberg and Craig Robinson have proven time after time that they are the perfect crime fighting duo throughout their time as Jake Peralta and the Pontiac Bandit on Brooklyn 99. The two characters have had their ups and downs through the seasons but at the end of the day, they both know that they are the best of friends and have each others backs no matter what. And after all this time, the two now have the chance to be on the right side of the law this time as they become crime fighting superheroes.

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Andy’s and Craig’s Brooklyn 99 characters have had a fantastic comedic relationship throughout the seasons and make up the perfect duo for this kind of movie. Of course one thing to note is that this new movie is not based on Brooklyn 99 in any way and will feature a completely new universe and a new set of characters from my understanding. Which is something unlike anything before may I add. However, what I would hopefully like to see is the same type of comedic relationship that their Brooklyn 99 have in Super High.

Now onto the more important pieces of information we have. What exactly is this movie? Well from what we’ve gathered so far is going to be a superhero action movie where the only way they will be able to get their superpowers is by smoking a special kind of weed. As mentioned before its going to be a completely new concept which I’ve never really seen happen before and will certainly be interesting to see how it will play out between the modern day audiences.

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But I think its safe to say that its in perfectly good hands. As well as Andy Samberg and Craig Robinson being the perfect duo for the job, we also have rapper Common joining the cast who has become more involved in the movie world now as an actor himself. So far they are the only cast members confirmed as of yet but regarding the overall production of the film New Line Cinema has won the rights to the film and will be taking the reigns in its development process. It also comes with a seven figure total attached to it as well as a production commitment meaning that ‘Super High’ will mostly likely happen in the near future.

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There isn’t much information at all yet about the movie as its still in the early stages of pre production and the screenplay hasn’t even been created yet, which is going to be written yet by Adam Mansbach. This then therefore means that we can expect no more info on the storyline for quite some time. With this is mind I wouldn’t expect a release for a year or two yet as they have still got a long way to go yet until its complete and have a story set out.

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