The Croods 2: A new Age Trailer shows that its quite literally going into a new age

After the first Croods movie came out over 7 years ago now, they now have their long awaited sequel to the franchise Croods: A New Age. However, when it says ‘A New Age’ it quite literally means a new age for the Crood family.

As we enter a new era unusual era this year in 2020, the Crood family also take their first steps into a new era as well discovering that the life as they know it will be changed forever. The trailer starts with the family and Guy living a typical morning as cave people still trying to find the perfect place they can call home. And as they travel day and night for their new home, of course it will be taking us to new uncharted territory in the Croods world.

The Croods 2: What's The Release Date And Exciting Story For Animated Movie

But as their days and nights pass they soon discover a walled off community unlike anything they have seen before. For the first time, this is where the Croods eventually end up meeting the Bettermans. A more modernised family living in a totally different world to them. This year we are being treated to a fantastic vibrant setting with beautiful scenery all around. Not only does it make it look good but also makes it more enjoyable to watch.

Of course we’ve still got the same old characters returning with the same level of comedy you would expect to see but also the Bettermans seem to fit quite nicely into the story from what the trailer has shown us. The two families are similar in some ways but yet again there rivalry later on doesn’t come as a surprise. It seems as though its a classic betrayal storyline as the Bettermans soon realise that the Croods don’t belong in this new modern world which gives us an insight to possibly where this plot could go.

The Croods 2 Trailer Reveals the Long-Delayed Animated Sequel | Collider

Each member of the Crood family, including Guy, has their own modern counterpart in the Bettermans family so it’ll defiantly be interesting to see where these relationships will go. Even Guy’s sloth seems to have a friend in this new world which hopefully we get to see more of later on.

Overall, the trailer doesn’t show us much in terms of storyline and seems to be more focussed on introducing to us the new world and family. Additionally, we don’t really see what they get up to before the Croods meet the Bettermans which is fine by me as it leaves us with some anticipation to what we could be seeing.

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