New ‘GroupWatch’ Update Coming To Disney Plus

Disney Plus have started to roll out a new feature which allows subscribers to create their own watch parties to be able to stream TV and movies with friends and family. This feature is currently in its testing phase which is only available in Canada.

Have you ever wanted to watch some timeless Disney classics with friends and family wherever they may be from the comfort of your own home? Well that dream could be upon the horizon soon enough. Recently, Disney have added in a whole new feature to their streaming service for users in Canada with hopefully more locations coming soon. This new GroupWatch feature follows a similar trend to what many other big name streaming platforms have rolled out in the past such as Amazon Prime, Twitch and Hulu.

Is there a Disney Plus party extension?

Although we don’t know that much about the new feature so far, we do know that you will be able to have up to 6 people joining in on your watch party at any given time. However, it does come with no surprise that they’ll all have to be Disney Plus subscribers in order to join any watch party at all. Additionally, you and your friends will be able to stream any TV show and movie from Disney’s huge library.

Personally, I think this is a great move from Disney. I wouldn’t be surprised if they gained more subscribers from this as well. In a time where not all of us are able to see family and friends they way that we are used to and enjoy some quality time together, this new GroupWatch feature now allows us to watch the entirety of Disney’s library including the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Star Wars universe, Pixar and the National Geography Channel all together. Its a perfect update during these times as we now have another unique way to stay connected to our friends.

Disney+ Is Rolling Out a NEW Group Watch Feature! -

As Disney’s new to creating something like this, they’ll be competing with the leaders in the market as well like Amazon prime and Twitch as mentioned before. Of course they are also loads of third party applications which allow the same feature so right now it does seem like a tight market. However, being who Disney are and what they have achieved already with their successful streaming platform I’m sure that Disney’s GroupWatch will have no trouble finding customer and sure enough will take off like its main platform.

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