The Batman 2021 – Trailer Analysis

With the recent DC FanDome convention held last week, we were treated to a whole range of teasers for exciting DC projects in the works. One of these I particular was something which all of us have definitely been waiting for. It’s, of course, the first-ever trailer for Robert Pattinson’s The Batman set to release in cinemas next year. From what we gathered already about the film, we know that it’s going to be an entirely new Batman universe to what we are used to so its exciting to see what it’s going to be like because for a first I have no idea what we could expect from a movie trailer.

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t find any major point in the trailer which could give us an insight into what the main plot point is going to be. However, they are key scenes throughout which have sparked a few ideas about the potential storyline for next years Batman film. Some of which have shown infamous Gotham villains who seem to have a huge role to play in this new gruelling Batman universe. In a way, it somewhat reminds me of the hit TV show Gotham as it near enough featured the same characters who play just as an important role as Bruce Wayne himself. So already from the trailer, we know that the likes of Penguin, Catwoman and a new criminal gang who have a similar resemblance to the classic Joker gang back from animated Batman series.

The Batman' first footage with Robert Pattinson released - Insider

Additionally, also the cops could potentially play a part in the story as on one scene we see Batman who appears to be fighting the police department. To be honest, it wont be much different to what we know of the classic story as at points Batman has been noted to come into conflict with the police from time to time.

Even though we haven’t seen him yet through the footage we’ve been given, I think it’s safe to say that the Riddler will be an important role in the storyline and believe that he’s probably going to be one of the main villainous characters. If you couldn’t pick up on it from watching it, throughout they are small teasers indicating that the return of Riddler may be happening in The Batman as little clues, riddles and codes have been spotted by fans along with the Riddler’s famous calling card, his question mark. However, we’re not done talking about it yet.

The Batman' Trailer Is Selling The Opposite Of A Blockbuster

Now if you’re a long time Batman fan then this one might be slightly different to what you’re used to. For any Gotham fans out there, however, it won’t feel that different in terms of setting as Gotham sort of has that dark and gruelling atmosphere and that its definitely what this movie has. Even Batman himself and the rest of the characters have a more sinister appearance than we’re used to. So could this also indicate something else about the plotline? Shown by the more darker looking Bruce Wayne and the scene where Batman brutally attacks a member of what is rumored to be the Joker gang. As well as this, all fans of the Dark Knight knows that when Batman comes face to face upon meeting a new foe he always leads with his most famous line “I am, Batman” whereas in this reinvention of the Batman movie we see him saying “I am, vengeance” when meeting the new rival gang.

One thing we can take away from this is that if Bruce Wayne is in this state of mind then its most likely suggesting that he’s still suffering the loss of his parents. As mentioned previously, his bat emblem on his suit is made up of used gun parts which has been speculated to be from the actual gun that was used on the night his parents were murdered. Now don’t get me wrong this new suit design looks fantastic but there could also be another meaning behind it. Like I said before, this could also be another reason which reinforces the idea that Batman is still griefing over the loss of his parents and that he hasn’t let it go which could describe his aggressive nature.

The Batman HBO Max TV series is a prequel set in Year One - Polygon

Now there is a lot to talk about the cinematography such as the more sinister Gotham and what we can take from the brand new red logo designs for Batman. But, none about that for the time being. For many of us out there, the new red designs is exciting in a way as its something none of us has seen before in a Batman movie. Its yet again another reason to suggest that we will most certainly be having a more aggressive and violent action from the Dark Knight next year. For this new darker setting, its no wonder why they have redesgined a whole ne Gotham city for this new universe as it has taken to a more realistic and modern world environment.

Batman without his Batmobile just isn’t right and for this film they have got it bang on. The newly designed Batmobile for Robert Pattinson’s version is spectacular and gives off that more homemade feel to it as throughout the trailer there isn’t much high tech to be seen which Batman is usually using. Even from the look of what appears to be the Batcave. It seems as thought Bruce must be in the early stages of becoming Batman as it doesn’t seem like he has much equipment, weaponry or tech to what we have normally seen from him before.

The Batman: Release Date, Cast & Info on Robert Pattinson's Dark ...

I will admit. At first I thought some of the cast members may not have been the best choices for the roles they have been assigned to. But boy was I wrong. Colin Farrells transformation into the Penguin is out of this world and is almost unrecognisable from the naked eye. I bet halve of you out there wont even recognise him one inch if you saw him in his Penguin role. One more who was undergone a massive transformation into his role is of course the lead himself Robert Pattinson into Bruce Wayne. He looks just like the character of Bruce Wayne if not a more frightening version of the character but either way Pattinson fits into the role perfectly.

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