A Day At Cineworld Under New Restrictions

So as well all know by now, Cinemas across the nation have reopened their doors to the public and we are once again experiencing the joys that a day out to our local cinema brings us. One of these cinema chains adapting to the new COVID restrictions is, of course, the one and only Cineworld. When they announced their reopening I was one of the first to enter its doors (just because I was missing the cinema so much) and see for myself how different everything was going to be because of the current situations.

Now I have been twice since its reopening to the public and one thing that many people may not realise is that the second time was slightly different to the first week of running under their new safety measures. There wasn’t much change overall to how it was running but a few new restrictions they put in place changed the overall atmosphere so much during my second visit. At first, the cinema itself was very quiet compared to its hectic lifestyle before the nationwide lockdown began. There weren’t many people at all in the entrance foyer but only a few families and couples or so getting fueled up on snacks and beverages before their film started. So this dramatically changed how the normal cinema experience normally felt as the bustling ambience of people and children running around was completely gone. However, this could be of the staggered film times which Cineworld now has in place to avoid any large gatherings in or outside their cinema screens to comply within social distancing rules and regulations. This may have also deterred people away because of a limited amount of people only being allowed in each and every screen at a time as some seats have now been restricted to obey the 2-metre rule.

Children in Need fundraiser at Cineworld - Dalton Park

The restrictions they have in place are as you would expect with all staff members now wearing masks and following every guideline to keep you and them safe as possible. For me is this fantastic to see staff complying with all new mask rules in store as sometimes many other store employees from various other retail businesses wouldn’t be wearing masks at all. Moreover, it isn’t a surprise to me that all customers in the main foyer now have to abide to wearing a mask but when they first reopened their doors this rule wasn’t compulsory at all which did surprise me when during my first visit back. Of course like many other stores across the world now, staff now have protective barriers up at tills for yours and theirs safety.

My guess is that perhaps many people were egar to return back to their local cinemas and staff weren’t expecting a large amount of people to return back so quickly after reopening so now as it gets more busier than ever they had to introduce new rules to keep everyone safe.

File:Surgical face mask.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

 None of the usual cinema experience as such as changed as they are still serving all your favourite snacks and beverages and your normal screening types. Speaking about the screens, a couple things to note is that the Cineworld V.I.P experience will lie longer be having their complementary buffet they usually serve before your film so at this very minute I sadly wouldn’t recommend going until it has returned to normal. Furthermore, up to now I haven’t seen a movie offering the newly added ScreenX so I’m not to sure if I’ve missed them or they are just not showing any films with it yet.

Now talking more specifically about what films are showing, as you would expect they aren’t obviously showing many of the new release for this year as most films scheduled for this year have been cancelled which is no ones fault at the end of the day and can’t be helped. But to treat us instead, Cineworld are letting us relive the golden age of film as a ton of oldie classics are now being shown in their cinema and some haven even been given the 4DX treatment including Harry Potter and Jurassic Park. So overall, life at Cineworld is now very quiet with the bustling atmosphere of movie fans coming together being taken away it will not be the same until the pandemic is finally over. Many people will find it intimidating with all these new environments with strict rules and regulations in place which none of us are used to and even are still getting used to them after all this time.


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