Pinocchio – Reveal Trailer Analysis

Pinocchio. The famous childhood story about a wooden puppet who dreamt of becoming a real boy is finally taking to the big screen with an all-new live-action revival for the series. Last week its official reveal trailer dropped and I think its safe to say that it has been one of the biggest talking points so far. With different people giving their mixed thoughts about it, what is the movie actually like and will it live up to its full potential?

With all this time without any huge information about it exactly and then the official trailer releasing, it seemed as a bit of a surprise for many people but the main question is was this a nice surprise for all of us to see in the end? Well the trailer only gives us a brieth insight into what we can except upon the film’s release and doesn’t tell us much overall. However, the key points we can pick up on from the very first scene is that it is of course a modern twist on the classic childhood story with enhanced CGI graphics bringing it into the modern day era of movies. Throughout the trailer, espically at the first few scenes, I did tend to notice a few comedic aspects which were joyful to see so hopefully when the final movie is out the movie will feature more of the comedy genre.

Pinocchio (2020) Review | Movie - Empire

The plotline will of course be the one which were all used to as its going back to its original roots with the begining of the pinocchio and how he was created being the main focus point. We’ll all soon meet the famous characters which every fan will know along the way of Pinocchio’s adventures. Overall though the trailer doesnt give away muvch as of yet about specifically what is instore for the storyline for Pinocchio’s revamp.

The trailer ends up making the movie turn out to be a heartwarming adventure of how and why Pinocchio eventually wants to become a real boy. It also seems to have that Disney feeling to it which isn’t a huge surprise to be honest after its following the new pipeline where old classic stories are being remastered into the modern age of cinema. But what may come to a surprise for some people is that I don’t believe that this film in particular is being made or produced by Disney in any way.

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